Friday, June 26, 2009

“Aggressive” Use Of The Telephoto Lens.

Not assertive, ambitious, enterprising, fierce, go-getting, high-pressure, in-your-face, militant, dynamic, energetic, gung ho, hustling, scrappy, strenuous, vigorous; emphatic, obtrusive; adventuresome, adventurous, venturesome, venturous; audacious, bold, brash, brassy, cheeky, cocksure, cocky, confident, determined, forward, impudent, insolent, overconfident, presumptuous, unapologetic, unsubdued, unyielding; dominating, domineering, imperious, lordly, magisterial, nor overbearing.

Just good ‘Ol fashion “Aggression," folks.

Shot location: LGB (Photo by Captain Carter)

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Brandon said...

dang! you broke out the thesaurus on that one