Monday, October 12, 2009

When Is Close Actually Too Close?

We’re not exactly sure, but we do plan to explore this subject for as long as necessary.

Shot location(s): ONT


Matt Cawby said...

I think the subject in the first picture are the green cones, ordinary, everyday cones are orange.

Bob Holland said...

I believe there is method in the different colours of cones. At my local, green cones mean that customs have to be gone through whereas orange ones don't need them. Can't believe I've joined in a conversation abour cones or bollards as they're affectionately known as here.

Darryl Bustamante said...

I cannot believe that you guys are discussing "Bollards" too, Bob.

However, we are a destination of free discussion and discovery, and I have a lot more Totally Jacked Up Cone Photos, that just happen to have airplanes in them, if your needs require.