Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Twofer Tuesday: Chicks 'N Airplanes & It's Time For A Change Of Direction Around Here.

What can I confess, other than the whole screwed-up photos thing was a really fun shtick all these years. However, it alone has begun to get a little old around here.  See, Aviation is a really exciting, dynamic entity, and not only has much been told about it, both in photos and in words, it is time for a whole lot more to get told about it - Right here.

Yes, going forward, your Totally Jacked Up Aircraft Photos will still be graciously accepted, however, it is time to “Step it up a notch” and include news and commentary regarding the madness we all love so much (yes, Aviation is completely maddening).  And, no, it is not going to be the juvenile all-cut-‘n-paste stuff like other websites, this is going to be real-world experiences, and opinions, from the school of personal Aviation-Hard-Knocks – No bullshit. 

Whether you work in Aviation, or are just a sick fan, the passion we have for all things flying is indeed an experience that is wrought with thrilling, amazing Ups and painful, ugly Downs.

A lot of those Ups and Downs are going to get told here – Both painful and funny.

Let’s roll!

Photo locations: MLH & SAN (Photos courtesy Manfred Rossi & Kenny Spencer)

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