Friday, April 7, 2017

The Fabulous Forum!

Shot location: Inglewood, CA (Photo courtesy Dick Carter)


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I have to say that coming in on the 24's and looking down into what was Hollywood Park, the lake, the geese and the horses running the course, and just seeing a big hole with lots of construction equipment makes me tear up.

There was something special about the grandstands, taking your kids to see the races and maybe tell them they could tell me what horse they wanted and I'd bet $2 for them.Now the kids are grownup, Santa Anita is way too far for me to drive, and I'm not sure about Los Al.

So instead of big strong horses we're going to be treated to 2 mediocre football teams. Bah.

Darryl Bustamante said...

I remember Hollywood Park well, Ms. Bunny. Used to go there as a kid and make those $2.00 bets which you referred to (I always bet the long-shot). It was a treat go there, watch the races, lose my $2.00, and watch jets approaching LAX.

I also spent many-a-night at the Forum in my teens attending too many concerts to remember.

The area is the not the same anymore, and, sadly, it never will be.