Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Further 787 Update From Palmdale (And Everett) - ZA001, ZA002, ZA003, And Now ZA461.

ZA001 and ZA002 on the Palmdale ramp. 

Our last report had the fates of the first three prototypes established, however, there are some new tidbits of information about their immediate lives, plus a correction, and one new airframe update.

According to our sources, ZA001 and ZA002 will be used for flight modification work before being permanently retired. As this top-secret photos shows, the engines on ZA001 were indeed taken off as spares for the ZA003 World Tour, and contrary to past reports, ZA002 still has its engines firmly attached.

After doing the Boeing World Tour, ZA003 is now back at Everett being prepped for long-term storage.

ZA461 was the airframe sent to do the Farnborough Show (in full Qatar livery), not the previously reported ZA003.

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Brandon Farris said...

ZA003 is actually at BFI for long term storage.